Peter Fasano

After a 25-year absence, one of Chicago’s all-time great dessert names has made a triumphant return.

Pies by Fasano (“As Good As Mother’s and Better Than Others”) is as familiar and popular a Chicago name as Riverview or Bozo’s Circus or Frango Mints.

Many thousands of Chicago-area moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas remember these mouth-watering pies fresh and warm from the Fasano bakery and outlet store on 65th Street—as well as from grocery stores, delicatessens, restaurants and even school cafeterias across the Chicago area. Many people still have the memorable Fasano pie tins as collectibles.

The successful return has been engineered by Peter Fasano, son of the legendary Joseph “Joe Pies” Fasano and grandson of the company founder.

Currently focused on selling pies through grocery stores, delis, cafes and restaurants, Peter Fasano also sells pies on a limited basis off the colorful new “Pies by Fasano” delivery truck,which criss-crosses the western suburbs most days—and occasionally the Loop. Fasano tips his locations to pie fans from his Facebook page.

The new Fasano truck, which includes the names of four generations of Fasanos, is also a clever tip of the cap to Peter’s grandfather, Joseph Fasano Sr., who began selling pies off a horse-drawn wagon in Chicago over 70 years ago—years before he founded the family business in 1946.

Fasano Pies, freshly-baked in an incredibly delicious crust and bursting with real fruit, are currently available in apple, dutch apple, cherry and blueberry. Both full-size and “junior” pies are available.

Please use our Pie Finder to learn where Fasano Pies are available near you.

And if you see the Fasano Pie truck on the road, be sure to honk, wave and flag it down. Chances are, the most delicious pie you’ll ever taste is inside, waiting for you!